2023 and a renewed blog

Evening sky in Carl Schurz Park, January 13, 2023

Since 2007, I have kept a blog of some kind and mostly posted sermons. Writing a weekly sermon text is a custom I brought with me from my Presbyterian past, and one that has served me well– whether I use the text in a sermon, or wander wildly from it.

The COVID-19 Pandemic scrambled my normal patterns, but mostly broadened my blog posts to include videos and a podcast (links to those can be found in the Media section of the dropdown menu above and to the left). Though the technology has not always matched the formatting of the blog neatly or reliably, the past few years have involved a variety of attempts to communicate wherever I’ve felt God moving, speaking, and wooing us.

My sabbatical of June and July 2022 put a halt to my busyness, and I have tried to develop new patterns of thought, prayer, and productivity. And yet, I’ve missed the creative challenge of keeping up a blog of some kind and communicating with the several people who have been kind enough to follow and comment.

For the renewed blog, I’ve changed the formatting a little and chosen a new theme that allows for a simpler, cleaner look. I’ll still post the sermons for Sunday, but will also write some shorter posts and perhaps sometimes just post a picture or a quotation.

If you’re someone who has followed my writing and preaching in the past, thank you and hello again. If you’re new, welcome, and come along on the journey.

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