Time to Rejoice: Laetare Sunday

Laetare Sunday (a test blog with a new blogger). Sent from Words, Nevertheless (formerly, Blogging with Beddingfield). Laetare Sunday is observed on the Fourth Sunday in Lent and takes its name from of the Introit at Mass, “Laetare Jerusalem” (“O be joyful, Jerusalem”), (from Isaiah 66:10, masoretic text) is a name often used to denote the fourth Sunday of the season of Lent in the Christian liturgical calendar. This Sunday is also known as Mothering Sunday, Refreshment Sunday, Mid-Lent Sunday, and Rose Sunday (because the golden rose sent by the popes to Catholic sovereigns used to be blessed at this time). In many churches, roses and rose-colored vestments are used on this Fourth Sunday, the only Sunday in Lent when flowers are used at the altar.  The full text of the Introit is

Rejoice, O Jerusalem: and come together all you that love her: rejoice with joy, you that have been in sorrow: that you may exult, and be filled from the breasts of your consolation. Psalm: I rejoiced when they said to me: “we shall go to God’s House!

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